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Booda Fresh N Floss 2-Knot Rope Bone Dog Toy


Product Description

With the Booda® Fresh N Floss Spearmint 2-Knot Rope Bone Dog Toy you can finally get your dog to floss on his own! This one-of-a-kind rope combines durable cotton with mint-scented floss for a unique twist on one of the most popular games between you and your dog.

Features fresh-tasting baking soda and wax coated nylon strands to fight plaque and control tartar. Contains fluoride and baking to soda to help freshen breath. T

he Fresh N Floss is non-invasive, non-irritating and sensitive to mouths and gums. Dogs also find the-the spearmint flavor irresistible.


Extra Small:  1" x 4" x  7"

Small: 3" x 3.5"x 8"

Medium: 2.5" x 4" x 12"

Large: 3" x 4" x 13.5"