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Choosing The Best Food For Your Pet's Needs

We're passionate about helping you find the right food and supplies for your unique pet and family budget. 

Step #1: Healthy Food

It starts with food- your pet needs a base food that meets all of their daily nutritional needs. If allergies, digestion, or skin and coat issues are a concern we can help pick a food that addresses those issues.
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Step #2: supplements

Supplements are key- just like with people, pets can benefit from a wide range of supplements that aid them in vital daily functions.

Supplements don't take the place of healthy food but they help address any health concerns that can't be met by food alone and they can help add an extra boost of nutrition (need help with this phrase)

Most pet foods don't do enough to meet your pet's need for joint health, immunity, digestive and gut health, and healthy skin and coat just to name a few.

a group of supplements on spoons in a circle

Step #3: Toppers

Top it off! Adding a topper helps keep mealtime fun. It entices picky eaters to love mealtime and there are loads of additional health benefits that toppers provide. Think of it this way- you wouldn't eat salad without dressing would you? So why should your pet eat a bowl of food without a delicious and healthy topper!

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Hey, I'm Katie, owner of Incredible Pets

My family has helped parents keep their pets healthy for 3 generations. We are dedicated to learning the latest in pet health and nutrition to help make our customer's lives easier.

When you shop with Incredible Pets, you are in good hands. You will get a team of experts that understand your concerns and can answer your questions with real, honest advice. You keep your dollars in your local community and support over 50 employees from Grass Valley down to Sacramento.

Nutritious Ingredients

We provide the best foods to suit your pet's unique tastes and nutritional needs.
We aren't trendy or expensive - just good!

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We provide products containing the best quality meat for your pet. Muscle and organ meat give all the protein and other nutrients necessary for your pet's health. Your pet will benefit from the calorie-dense, hydrating meats included in our products.
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Like us, your pet needs a diet rich in fresh vegetables. They provide necessary nutrition in the form of fats, carbohydrates, and fiber. There are also vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients that aren't in meats.  
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Including vegetables in the products we provide gives your pet vital fiber. Fiber is essential to maintain their gut health and digestive functions. It also aids in regulating their blood sugar levels and makes them feel full and satisfied with their meals.
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Pet supplements are a part of our product offering because, although we try to meet all of our pet's nutritional needs in the food they eat, there are still shortfalls. Supplementing your pet's diet will ensure they have everything they need to be healthy and happy.

Why our food is so good

You can trust the high-quality pet food products from Incredible Pets. Our passion is to help you find the right food for your pet's needs and your family's budget. We aren't trendy or expensive - we're committed to bringing you the very best in wet, dry, freeze-dried, and frozen pet foods.
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Choosing the Best for Your Dog's Breed and Size

When shopping for your dog, consider their size and breed. Dogs' nutritional needs vary according to their size - large dogs usually need foods that promote musculoskeletal health, and smaller dogs have their own needs. Research your dog's breed to find out their specific nutritional needs.

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Best Food for Your Young Pet

Your pet has different nutritional needs depending on their stage of life. Puppies and kittens require more or less of some nutrients than do adult pets. For instance, kittens need much more protein to support their growth than adult cats. So their foods should be high in protein, fats, and folic acid. 
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Best Food for Your Older Pet

Older dogs, from 7 years old, will have a variety of nutritional needs. Your younger senior dog may have issues with being overweight, while older senior dogs may be underweight. Many older dogs prefer soft, wet foods, and still, others prefer their food warm.    

Similarly, older cats usually need foods with less protein and fat. They also need foods that lower stress on their kidneys and boost their immune systems.   

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Best for Your Dog with Special Dietary Needs

If your pet has a sensitive tummy, allergies, or other dietary restrictions, we have foods especially for them. Have a talk with your vet to understand your pet's particular needs and to determine which foods are best for them to aid and not worsen their conditions.
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Dry Food vs. Wet Food

Dry pet foods are a combination of meats and grains that are converted into easy-to-digest forms. They are usually more affordable than wet and don't require refrigeration. Wet foods usually have the same ingredients as dry foods but in different proportions.

Wet (canned) foods have more fresh meats, may cost more, and have a longer shelf life than the dry alternative. Cats often prefer a combination of the two.
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Best Wet Food

Wet or canned pet foods are usually preferred by many pets, especially your picky eaters. The best wet pet foods should contain high-quality, fresh meat, poultry, fish, and animal byproducts, with textured proteins from grains.
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Best Dry Food

Dry pet foods are made with meat and grains processed to convert the starches into easier-to-digest forms. The process also destroys toxins and flash sterilizes the ingredients.

While most people find dry pet foods less desirable, they can meet your pet's dietary needs and be a high-quality alternative to wet food. 

Choosing Incredible Pets for the Best Dog Food

At Incredible Pets, we're committed to providing the best for your pet. We're a family-owned business serving the pet community since 1995. We remain current with the latest in pet care, products, and nutrition. You can trust us with your pets

Why Good Food is Essential

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Digestion & gut

Poop problems? We know it isn't food but digestive issues are the #1 concern our customers need help with. Lets talk about poop and get your pets digestive health back on track.
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Skin & Coat

Shiny coat, soft hair, healthy skin. Awwwww you can just picture it can't you? Your pet needs specific nutrients to keep their skin and coat healthy.
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Allergy Symptoms

Your pet can't eat chicken. Or potatoes. Or apples. The list goes on. Most pet allergy symptoms actually come from the environment and not food. So before you switch your pet on a new food let's see if we can find a better solution.
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Joint Health

Prevention is the key to helping your pet's joint health. Did you know most pets should begin a preventive join care routine by the age of 5?

 Our Guarantee to You

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Picky Eater Guarantee

With our Picky Eater Guarantee, your pet can try new foods worry-free. If your pet doesn't like or respond well to the food you've purchased, you can exchange it and try something else.
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Family Owned Business

We have been a family-owned business since 1995. Our commitment comes from being pet lovers ourselves and making the best in pet food, products, and services available.
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Pet Experts 27 Years

We make every effort to remain up-to-date on all the latest in pet nutrition, care, and products, so we can make the best available to you. 
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