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Picky Eater

Picky Eater Guarantee

Afraid to try a new food?

Our Picky Eater Guarantee allows you to try new foods for your dog or cat worry-free. If your pet does not like or does not do well on a food you purchase at Incredible Pets, you can exchange it and try another.

How it works…

  • Food items categorized as Dog or Cat Food including dry kibble, cans, wet pouches, frozen, freeze dried and dehydrated food.  Treats are not subject to the Picky Eater Guarantee.   
  • The food must be in the original bag and we need to see your receipt or online order number.  
  • We cannot accept food brought in any packaging other than the original bag.  
  • If you are trying a new food and want to transfer it into a plastic container, please keep the original bag until you are certain your pet likes and is doing well on the food 
  • At least half the food must be left. 
  • We offer store credit or online gift cards only; refunds are not given for opened food.  
  • If you are returning a case of wet food, you will receive a credit for one open item, plus any unopened items.

We are committed to helping you provide the best nutrition for your pet! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our customer care department for more information. Emailcustomercare@incredpets.comor call 1-800-822-9759

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