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The Adventurer Flea & Tick Bundle for Dogs

Incredible Pets
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Product Description

An option for outdoor dogs and dogs who love to "ruff" it on camping or hiking trips with their owners! Includes a collar that protects against fleas and ticks for up to 8 months, plus an all natural pet spray to kill pests, an all natural home spray that's safe to use around bedding and furniture, and a yard spray to help prevent and eradicate infestations outside and a free flea comb

Bundle includes

  • Seresto: A collar that is safe for cats and dogs and protects against both fleas and ticks
  • Wondercide pet/home spray: A natural, family-friendly pet and home spray that is non-irritating and kills flea eggs, adult ticks and tick eggs, and adult mosquitos
  • Zodiac Carpet & upholstery spray: A home/carpet spray that can help you treat your home from flea infestations, especially around bedding and in and under furniture
  • Zodiac yard spray: A spray designed to treat your yard and eradicate flea infestations  
  • Safari Flea Comb: Remove pesky fleas, eggs and flea waste easy with this hand held comb