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Stuck Inside? Make it Fun For Your Pets!

Stuck Inside? Make it Fun For Your Pets!

Between colder temperatures and more time at home because of the pandemic, your pet is probably spending a lot of time indoors lately. While it’s always good to get outside for some fresh air and exercise, you can still keep your pets entertained and happy when the outdoors are not an option.

Let’s start with dogs, which we all know have a lot of energy and really need to stay active no matter the season! Here are a few tips for indoor entertainment.

  • Give them a food-dispensing puzzle toy, which requires the dog to manipulate the toy and figure out the puzzle before they can receive a treat.
  • Swap out your toy collection regularly to minimize boredom. Choose a variety of different toys to keep your pup interested, like this Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone or this indoor Chuckit toy.
  • Hide small treats or kibble around the house. This will require your dog to use its natural tracking instincts to hunt down a snack.
  • Try some training or new tricks! Use the time inside to work on basic commands or to teach them a new skill, like shaking hands.

Most cats spend more time indoors than dogs do, but they still need some activity and stimulation to stay happy. Here are a few fun ideas.

  • Stash some catnip in your cat’s post or inside a toy or two. Catnips triggers receptors in the cat’s brain that make it feel happy. It’s also fun to watch your cat when it reacts!
  • Open up the curtains and allow your cat to watch birds out a large window. Though they aren’t really outside, they still enjoy the activity.
  • Introduce some new toys for your cat, like cat springs or a laser pointer. Swap toys out every few days to keep things fun.
  • Get your cat an extra-large post with different levels and cubbies for them to hop around and explore. It’s extra helpful if there’s a spot for scratching!

As you can see, it’s not all that difficult to make the indoors a little more appealing for pets during the winter months. You can also visit your nearest Incredible Pets location where our staff can help you pick out some great new toys, treats or anything else you need. 


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