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Delivery and Curbside Pickup Available for our customers during the COVID-19 Outbreak

We know this is a challenging time for everyone, and we at Incredible Pets are here to help make sure you have what you need for your pets during this time.

Here are a few actions we are taking to help pet owners during the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • We encourage our customers to avoid shopping in the store and to instead utilize our online or phone ordering options.
  • We are expanding our local delivery service to speed up the delivery of online orders, rather than shipping from commercial carriers.
  • We are now offering drive-up service. If you order online for store pickup, you can call the store when you arrive and an employee will bring your order out to your car.
  • We can take orders by phone if you do not want to order online or cannot find the items you are looking for in our online store. Call your local store to place your order over the phone and a staff member will collect payment at your vehicle when you arrive.
  • Due to the increased volume of orders, processing times may be delayed.  Store Pickups may not be available the same day as they are placed and shipping/delivery orders might take up to 3 days to process before being shipped out. Many orders are being processed faster than this but we ask for your patience and to plan ahead and place orders before you need them. 
  • The safety of our employees and customers is our top priority. Our employees are under strict guidelines to stay home if they have any symptoms of illness or feel sick, and we are encouraging social distancing among them even at work. We encourage customers to follow suit.

Like so many local businesses, we are a family-run company and we are very grateful for your continued support during this time. We wish you all health and safety!


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Jeff Scott replied on Sep 10, 2020

Thank you for your great customer service and for offering delivery and curbside Pickup during the COVID-19 Outbreak.

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