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Healthy Doesn't Have to Cost More

Healthy Doesn't have to cost more

Quality foods at affordable prices

Worried that a premium brand of food will come with a higher price tag? Budgets influence how we feed our pets, and that drives pet owners to inexpensive and sometimes less nutritious options to save money. But did you know that you can get a premium pet food that is friendlier on your wallets than one of the “bargain brand” foods?

Cost Per year comparison
While a big bag of bargain pet food may sometimes appear cheaper, many of them are actually more expensive per bag. And even if the total cost of the bag is less, it may require a larger serving to fill up your pet which means you buy more bags and end up spending more money per year. On the other hand, higher quality pet food is typically more filling and nutrient-rich, meaning you won’t need to serve as much per meal, there for buying less bags and saving money!


Try one of our recommended brands of Premium food today and SAVE! Backed by our 100% Picky Eater Satisfaction Guarantee!

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***Our Picky Eater Guarantee allows you to try new foods for your dog or cat worry-free. If your pet does not like or does not do well on a food you purchase at Incredible Pets, you can exchange it and try another. LEARN MORE