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Does the price of premium pet food give you sticker shock? Budgets influence how we feed our pets, and that drives pet owners to inexpensive and sometimes less nutritious options to save money. But did you know a higher price tag on premium pet food may actually be friendlier on your wallets than the lower cost of mass-produced foods?
While a big bag of bargain pet food may appear cheaper, it may also require a larger serving to fill up your pet. On the other hand, higher quality pet food is typically more filling and nutrient-rich, meaning you won’t need to serve as much per meal.

So how does this break down into dollars?

Cost Per Day comparison
A great way to compare cost is to look at the cost-per-day of feeding each food. Let’s say Purina, a big name brand dog food, requires 3 cups of food per day for a 50-pound dog. But Nutrisource, a high-quality brand of food available at your local pet store, requires just 1 and 3/4ths cup per day. 

The "Premium" food will last longer, meaning fewer trips to the store and a lower overall cost per day.

100% Picky Eater Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Picky Eater Guarantee allows you to try new foods for your dog or cat worry-free. If your pet does not like or does not do well on a food you purchase at Incredible Pets, you can exchange it and try another.


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