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Honest Kitchen Product Reviews

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While most pet foods are designed to be just good enough for animals to eat, one company is doing something different. The Honest Kitchen takes an approach to dog food that emphasizes quality. This leads to a unique product that many dog owners may find interesting. 

So, is the final product any good? Should you consider The Honest Kitchen dog food? Read on to find out what we think in our The Honest Kitchen dog food review. 

About The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen has been making dog food for over 20 years. They like to maintain a “homemade” approach to dog food that separates them from the competition. They are also a B Corp Certification company, which means that they meet high standards when it comes to performance, accountability, and transparency. 

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Is The Honest Kitchen a Good Dog Food?

Yes, every product from The Honest Kitchen takes a good approach to dog food. Their product lines have quality ingredients and give you great options for feeding your dog. 

This is most clearly highlighted by the fact that all of their dog food is “human grade.” This means that instead of holding themselves up to the low standards that typically surround dog food, The Honest Kitchen only makes products that follow the same strict standards for foods made for people. This is a level of care that is not often seen in pet foods. 

The alternative approaches to dog food also highlight the positive differences in The Honest Kitchen products. They offer dehydrated and minimally processed options that are better for your pet. They also carefully source their ingredients, giving you higher quality food. 

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Reviews

If you’re looking for The Honest Kitchen dog food reviews, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve taken a look at several of their product lines and are ready to let you know more about them. 

Want to see all of the options you’ll find from The Honest Kitchen? Check out our store to find the perfect one for your pup. 

Whole Food Clusters Dry Dog Food Review

This is The Honest Kitchen’s most traditional line of dry dog food. However, while it might look like normal dog food, it is anything but. These whole food clusters start with a mix of high-quality ingredients. These are then cold-pressed, slow-roasted, and then dehydrated. 

This process is what makes this line so incredible. It prevents the food from being an ultra-processed pet food. This is important because more and more people are growing concerned about ultra-processed pet foods, and some studies even show that this processing impacts the digestibility, nutrient bioavailability, and safety of pet foods. The Honest Kitchen’s approach avoids these problems and allows these whole food clusters to contain more nutrients and aromas than alternative options. 

We’re particularly fond of their Grain Free Beef Recipe. This option has high-quality beef as the primary ingredient and avoids any potential negatives from including grains in the mix. 

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The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food Review

The Honest Kitchen’s lineup of dehydrated dog food is another excellent option from the company. These products start out dry but aren’t meant to stay this way. Instead, you are supposed to add warm water to the mix before you serve it to your pet. After just three minutes, this water revitalizes the dehydrated mix and gives you wet food your pet will love. 

This is specifically helpful with dogs that are picky eaters. Dogs tend to find wet food more palatable and, thus, will be more likely to eat this dehydrated option once it has been hydrated. So, this can be a solution for anyone struggling to find a food that is good for their dog and that their dog will enjoy. 

Our favorite from this line is the Grain Free Fish Recipe. This option has seven pounds of wild-caught white fish inside. It also has sweet potatoes as the second most abundant ingredient, which is great because they are high in vitamins and low in calories. 

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The Honest Kitchen Base Mix Review

If you are looking to give your pet a delicious and well-rounded meal, these base mixes give you a fantastic place to start. These are very similar to the dehydrated dog foods from The Honest Kitchen since you add water to activate them. However, you then follow this up by directly adding animal products on top of this. So, you top off this mix by throwing in chicken, beef, or other proteins you prepare. 

This makes this a great option for any pet owner looking for a way to get more real animal products into their pet’s diet. Just feeding your pet meat will not be enough. Meanwhile, pairing that meat with this mix will give them a well-rounded and complete approach to nutrition. 

We are big fans of the Grain Free Fruit & Veggie Recipe. This option contains healthy ingredients like sweet potatoes, organic coconut, apples, and more. 

Just note that this mix isn’t meant to be a complete meal on its own. Your dog generally needs food that is around 20% protein. This mix doesn’t have that on its own but is designed to be paired with high-protein animal products. 

Looking for a way to boost your pet’s protein intake? Try this beef bone broth booster from The Honest Kitchen to see if it has what you’re looking for. 

The Honest Kitchen Pecks Review

The Honest Kitchen has a line of treats alongside their normal food lines. These treats are called “pecks” and are small, heart-shaped bites that dogs find delicious. Like their other products, they also contain high-quality ingredients that are healthy for your pet. 

For example, the Parmesan PECKS Duck, Parmesan, and Cherry Recipe contain cage-free duck, real parmesan cheese, and real cherries. However, each portion is only four calories. 

The only downside is that these treats are a little low in protein. However, since they are a treat rather than a full meal, this isn’t a big deal. 

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The Honest Kitchen Reviews for Your Pup

If you’re looking for dog food that is healthy, tastes great, and maintains one of the highest levels of quality out there, The Honest Kitchen dog food is a great choice. Each of their products contains high-quality ingredients that are prepared well. As our team says, "The Honest Kitchen has been bringing "homemade" style pet food to pets for over 20 years. You can see the difference in every bowl, and your pet will surely taste the difference."  

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