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Nulo Dog Food Products and Reviews

A small dog looks up while standing next to a bowl of dog food

When it comes to dog food, there are a lot of options out there. This leads to an equally large number of potential recommendations. However, one of the brands we recommend more than almost any other is Nulo. This company has several different lines of dog food that all accomplish something different. 

Want to learn more about the products that Nulo offers and the quality levels of them? Keep reading. This Nulo dog food review will explore more about this brand and their selection of products. 

About Nulo Dog Food

Nulo was created by two people, Michael and Max. Their goal in creating Nulo was to create a pet food company that would use quality ingredients rather than fillers

Nulo is based out of Austin, Texas. In 2021, they were bought out by Apax Partners, an investment company. 

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Is Nulo a Good Dog Food?

Dogs are undeniably true carnivores. Because of this, they need food that is primarily meat-based and not overly stuffed with other ingredients that are simply there to fill out the product as a whole. Nulo offers dog food that caters to this need. Their dog foods are notable for placing meat at the forefront and having plenty of animal protein. This already makes them a good dog food provider. 

However, they go beyond just ingredients. Nulo creates products that vary in composition so that pet owners can find a solution that suits their pets best. In addition, their corporate values and community outreach are the cherry on top of their company’s approach to the pet food industry. 

So, is Nulo dog food good? The easy answer is yes. In fact, our team thinks "Nulo is one of our top favorite and most recommended brands."

Nulo Dog Food Reviews

Nulo offers a range of different products. To give you an idea of what each line has to offer, we have Nulo dog food reviews for many of their top selections.

Various meats and spices sit on a log plate together

Nulo Dry Dog Food Review

Nulo’s dry dog food is excellent all around. Most of the options they offer are heavy on real meat ingredients. This means ingredients like chicken, beef, fish, and turkey are front and center in the food. Many times, this results in upwards of 70% animal protein in the dog food, which blows many competitor brands out of the water. 

The best part about Nulo’s dry dog food, from a usability standpoint, is that it comes in several different varieties. As our team says, "Nulo provides a variety of formulas for every pet's needs. They always have high meat content first, which is key to a healthy pet. From there, a pet parent can choose a formula based on their pet's specific needs; their formulas are tailored to different health needs, physical activity levels, and life stages for both dogs and cats."

Options in the Freestyle line are geared toward younger dogs; options in the Frontrunner line are suited for active dogs; and Challenger options are generally best for older dogs and puppies. This allows you to choose the option that best suits your dog’s needs. For example, if you have an active small breed dog, you may want the Nulo Frontrunner Ancient Grains for Small Breed Dogs variety.  

Looking to give your pup the best nutrition made with sustainable ingredients? Try our Nulo Challenger High-Meat Adult & Puppy Dry Dog Food Alpine Ranch Beef, Lamb & Pork Dry Dog Food today.

Nulo Wet Dog Food Review

The wet food from Nulo, again, emphasizes animal products. These contain great levels of meat from high-quality sources. They are also designed to be delicious, so you can use them as the main dish for your picky eaters or as a topper for their dry dog food. The only thing we would have liked to see more of from the wet food is a higher amount of protein. 

In this category, we recommend the Nulo FreeStyle Grain-Free Duck & Chickpea Small Breed Canned Dog Food. This recipe has duck, duck broth, and turkey liver as the main ingredients, so your dog has plenty of delicious animal meats to munch on. These are then followed by chickpeas. Chickpeas can be helpful for dogs by providing them with some much-needed fiber. 

Nulo Freeze Dried Dog Food

The freeze-dried food from Nulo represents somewhat of a middle ground between their dry food and their wet food. The fact that it is freeze-dried gives it a more authentic taste for your dog, so they are more likely to eat it. However, it is more readily available for consumption, like dried food. This makes it versatile, as it can be mixed into dry food to encourage eating or eating on its own. 

It also helps that the food itself is high-quality. For example, the Nulo Freestyle Salmon & Turkey Freeze Dried Dog Food contains 83% salmon alongside turkey organs and bones. This alone would make for a great recipe. However, it also contains things like pumpkin for the added nutrients and strawberries to increase flavor. All of these factors come together to make a wonderful final product. 

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Nulo Dog Treats

Nulo makes some good dog treats alongside their dog food. Like their other products, these treats place meat at the center. However, they also contain other ingredients to make them a little more appetizing. You’ll find apples paired with chicken, duck paired with honey, beef paired with coconut, and more. 

These treats also stand out because of their limited ingredient lists. Their Freestyle Grain Free Chicken with Apples Recipe Jerky Dog Treats are a perfect example of this. These treats contain chicken, apples, coconut glycerin, distilled vinegar, a fermentation product, and two preservatives. While other dog treat ingredient lists can drag on for nearly a full page, the ingredients in these treats fit into a few lines of text. Because of this, you know exactly what you are getting when you buy these treats. 

Want to see the wide variety of selections Nulo has to offer? Check out our Nulo dog foods to find the one that fits your pet’s needs the best.

Nulo Dog Food Toppers

While some of Nulo’s products can be used on top of dry food, they also have a line of products specifically designed for this purpose. These can make it easier to feed picky eater dogs.

Like their other products, these toppers are high-quality and contain plenty of healthy material. Like the treats, the short ingredients lists and what is found on them speak for themselves.  

For example, the Nulo Freestyle Mackerel, Chicken, and Mussel in Broth Dog Food Topper has just six ingredients. These are mackerel, mackerel broth, chicken, chicken broth, and mussels. This avoids unnecessary materials and only includes ingredients your pet will find appetizing. 

A close-up image of a dog with a treat in its mouth

Our Honest Nulo Review

Nulo offers a wide range of high-quality dog foods. They are particularly good when it comes to the ingredients, where animal products are the dominant feature and other ingredients are well-chosen. The fact that these products come in different formulations for different dogs also makes them easier to use. Overall, as you can see from our Nulo reviews, we think Nulo is one of the best options out there. 

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