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Open Farm Dog Food Products with Reviews

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Open Farm dog food is different from many dog food options out there. These differences range from the quality of their food to the way they conduct business. This has a dramatic impact on the overall quality of the products coming from them. 

However, do these differences make Open Farm dog food worthwhile? If so, what allows them to stand apart from the pack? Keep reading to find out more about Open Farm in our Open Farm dog food review. 

About Open Farm Dog Food

Open Farm dog food is a unique option in the dog food landscape. This is primarily because they have goals outside of producing good dog food. They are notable for placing an emphasis on supporting independent pet stores and minimizing the environmental impact of their entire business. For this reason, you won’t find them in most big-box pet stores and will instead find them in smaller stores that take a more meaningful approach to pet care. According to our team, "they care about supporting small, family-owned and independently owned businesses that help communities all over America thrive."

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Is Open Farm a Good Dog Food?

Open Farm dog food is definitely a good brand of dog food. They are great because of the products they create and the process that goes into creating these products. 

The products they create are almost all high-quality and end up being solid choices for dog food. Most contain high percentages of animal products that are supplemented by well-chosen produce. They also contain several distinct lines of products that range from freeze-dried raw food to more traditional dry dog food, giving customers a superb degree of choice in what their pet eats. 

The process behind their product also helps ensure the overall quality of the product. They source all of their products from farms that follow ethical practices. You can even use their website to look up exactly what farms your pet’s food comes from. This is something we are seeing more and more with human foods, so it is great to see Open Farm utilizing the practice in dog foods. 

Our team loves their commitment to sustainability. "You can't mention Open Farm without talking about sustainability. Open Farm goes above and beyond to reduce their environmental impact, from packaging to product waste to even the farmers and producers they source their ingredients from." This makes Open Farm the clear choice for those concerned about their environmental impact. 

Open Farm Dog Food Reviews

The products from Open Farm vary depending on the line you decide to go with. Because of this, we’ve created Open Farm reviews for several of their lines of products. 

Want to see our complete selection of Open Farm dog food? Check out our store for all the options we offer. 

Open Farm Dry Dog Food Review

The Open Farm kibble options are the epitome of what Open Farm does right. Their dry food manages to provide an appropriate blend of meats and veggies. This means high levels of well-sourced meats and veggies chosen for their nutritional content rather than simply being there to pad out the meal. 

An excellent example of this is the Open Farm Pasture-Raised Lamb & Ancient Grains Dry Dog Food. This product contains high levels of animal products, with 100% pasture-raised New Zealand lamb and fish products taking center stage. These provide a wealth of important nutrients to your dog all on their own. However, these primary ingredients are flanked with other powerful ingredients, like oats, pumpkin, and quinoa. These ingredients are a dramatic departure from commonly used ingredients, like corn, legumes, and soy, and are able to elevate the product because of this. 

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Open Farm RawMix Review

The RawMix line of foods from Open Farm is one of the more unique offerings from the company. This line contains dog food coated with a bone broth and freeze-dried raw food coating. This packs a lot of flavor into every bite of food, making it even more appetizing for your pets. 

Among these options, we really liked the Open Farm RawMix Open Prairie Grain Free Dry Dog Food. This option is a solid choice because of the nice, lean animal meat it provides. However, it is also a solid choice because it contains potatoes and sweet potatoes as the primary ingredients that don’t come from animals. This is important because potatoes provide high levels of vitamin C, potassium, and b vitamins. They are also relatively low in calories for how much they provide. While we wouldn’t want to see these ingredients in higher amounts, the amounts in this line of products work, considering how much meat is also in them. 

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Open Farm Freeze-Dried Raw Food Review

Another unique option from Open Farm is their freeze-dried raw food. Raw food has the potential to give your pet several benefits, including weight management, dental hygiene, muscle growth, and the development of a shiner coat. This raw food also comes from a trusted source, so it comes with less risk than starting your pet on a raw food diet of your own. 

One of the best options in this category is the Open Farm Freeze Dried Raw Surf & Turf Patties. These provide your pet with a healthy mix of beef and salmon. They also emphasize animal products in the top five ingredients, which is always a good thing to see. 

Looking for a way to offer your dog the benefits of grass-fed beef? Try some of Open Farm’s freeze-dried raw beef patties to help your pup feel their best. 

Open Farm Morsels Review

Many companies out there view morsels as an unimportant treat. They may pack the morsels with things that taste good but aren’t exactly good for your dog’s health. However, the morsels from Open Farm buck this trend. They go for high-quality ingredients that fit right into your pet’s diet. 

You can tell this by the percentage of real animal products in these morsels. For example, the Open Farm Freeze Dried Raw Harvest Chicken Morsels For Dogs contain 85% chicken organs and bones and only 15% produce and supplements. This balance of animal products against produce and supplements holds true for most of their other morsels as well. 

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The Bottom Line

There are a lot of reasons to choose Open Farm dog food products over the competition. Their products are made well and are full of nutritional advantages your dog can use. They also have the edge when it comes to ethics and sustainability. Overall, all of these factors together help make Open Farm a fantastic dog food option. 

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