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Safari Shed Magic Deshedding Dog Tool

SKU: 135244Safari

Product Description

Keep your dog and home clean with the Safari® Shed Magic® De-Shedding Tool for Dogs with Short to Medium Hair! This grooming tool greatly reduces shedding in dogs with short to medium coat lengths, keeping both their coats and your home clean. The textured grip handle allows for maximum control while also providing added comfort. Your dog won't fuss during grooming thanks to the gentle-gliding stainless steel blades. Add this to your dog's grooming routine for a healthy, beautiful coat!

  • Keeps your dog and home clean by removing excess hair.
  • Reduces shedding in dogs with short to medium length coats.
  • Gentle-glide blade smoothly pulls excess fur.
  • Textured handle provides maximum control.
  • Comfortable gripping with soft handle.

Great for Short Hair.


Great for removing loose dog hair and stubborn mats or tangles without irritating the dog's skin.