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The Company of Animals Halti Headcollar for Dogs

SKU: 170377The Company of Animals

Product Description

HALTI has become the world's favorite canine headcollar because it has been designed to combine maximum steering efficiency with unequaled comfort for the dog. There are no metal parts in contact with the dog's skin and the point of steering is well down the nose and away from the eyes.

The HALTI makes training and behaviour modification of dogs practical and safe. It can be used in a number of ways: either as a passive means to simply stop dogs pulling, or as an active training aid.

Handlers can gently direct the dog's head, steering him into desired positions which can then be rewarded and linked to a command associated with that posture, for example 'sit'!

Product Features:
* Stops pulling
* NEW padded noseband
* On/off muzzling
* Freedom to pant
* Nose, eye, and neck friendly

Size Guide:
Size 0: miniature dachshund, papillon, toy poodle, yorkie, and similarly sized dogs.
Size 1: border terrier, jack russell, cairn terrier, welsh corgi, standard dachshund, sheltie, westie, whippet and similarly sized dogs.
Size 2: beagle, border collie, cockers, saluki, schnauzer, standard poodle, basenji, welsh terrier, and similarly sized dogs.
Size 3: afghan, airedale, boxer, briard, chow chow, dalmatian, doberman, greyhound, german shepherd, husky, labrador, pointers, retrievers, setters, springers, weimaraner, and similarly sized dogs.
Size 4: mastiff, clumber spaniel, giant schnauzer, great dane, newfoundland, ridgeback, rottweiler, and similarly sized dogs.
Size 5: bloodhound, large danes, mastiffs, st. bernard, and similarly sized dogs.