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Tuesday's Natural Dog Company Small Split Elk Antler Dog Chew

SKU: 156734The Natural Dog Company

Product Description

These are Grade A and B antlers, which means that it's nearly in perfect condition and there's still the natural brown coloration and little to no sun damage.

  • All antlers are hand sorted by weight.
  • Small antlers weigh 100g or less. Small elk antlers are ideal for small to medium (under 30lbs) dogs who are powerful chewers. 
  • Small Split Elk Antlers are a great starting piece for customers who are considering buying an antler for their dog - but not ready to spend a lot of money on their first purchase.
  • The center of the elk antler is exposed for easy chewing in the middle and more challenging chewing on the outside. 
  • Not as durable as a whole antler
  • Antlers are extremely dense and hard - we do not recommend them for dogs with underlying dental problems.

Sourced: From the Colorado Rockies, All of antlers are naturally shed.