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Chuckit! Ring Launcher Dog Toy

SKU: 157525Chuckit!

Product Description

Exercise your dog without wearing yourself out while satisfying your dog's natural chase instinct with the Chuckit!® RingChaser®. This fun interactive dog toy features a durable ring that is designed with a unique topspin-infused action that causes the Chuckit! UltraRing® to erratically bounce, zig-zag, and hop on the ground just like the real game, engaging your dog's natural chase instinct. The Chuckit! RingChaser features a long, ergonomic handle with an easy pickup head that makes for an easy throwing motion and a slobber-free pick-up. Make Fetch Happen® with the ultimate chase and fetch toy.

  • Easy throwing motion - just flick it!
  • Slobber free pick-up
  • Fast action, rolls and hops
  • One size for all dogs

SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions 22" L x 1.5" W