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Comfort Zone Multi-Cat Pheromone Calming Kit

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Product Description

The new Opticalm™ Diffuser for multi-cat homes utilizes our same trusted pheromone formula in a new, modern design. The plug-in diffuser releases a drug-free vapor that mimics your cat's natural calming pheromones, promoting harmony in your home. This diffuser can help reduce stress, urine marking, scratching and conflict by creating a relaxing environment.

The new diffuser design saves precious outlet space by leaving the bottom outlet free for other devices you want to use, whether it's a cat fountain or an automated feeder. And the diffuser can fit almost anywhere with its rotatable plug. (The bottle needs to remain upright.)



  • Scratching
  • Urine Spraying
  • General Stress



  • New Cat Adoption
  • Moving to a new Home
  • Visitors



Simply plug a diffuser upright into any standard wall outlet in the rooms where your cat spends the most time. The rotatable plug allows the diffuser to fit in almost any corner in your cat's space. Then, let the diffuser work its magic. You only need one diffuser for most room sizes, and each refill lasts up to 30 days.

The diffuser has been engineered to be safe for your family, home and pets:

  • The new design is based on in-home tests and consumer interviews.
  • It leaves the bottom outlet open for use with other devices.
  • It's suitable for cats and kittens.
  • The diffuser has a shut-off feature to prevent overheating.
  • It's safe and conforms to UL standards
  • The Opticalm™  Diffuser works with all Comfort Zone® refills

How to Calm a Cat

Use the Opticalm™ Diffuser as part of an overall stress-relief strategy for your kitty. After you've plugged in the diffuser, set up cat trees in your home, giving your kitty tall spaces to own. Play lots of games with your cat, like chasing feather wands. Then offer plenty of treats and a warm lap whenever your cat wants to snuggle close.

Isoparafinnic Hydrocarbon 85%
Analogue of Feline Pheromone 5%
Other Ingredients 10%