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Earth's Finest Unscented Clumping Cat litter

SKU: 160858Earth's Finest

Product Description

Earth’s FINEST makes litter box maintenance easy with their Clumping Cat Litter. Made from 100% natural, farm-grown yuca and cane, this litter is highly absorbent and lightweight. In fact, it’s about 60% lighter than most clay litter and 50% lighter than most corn litter, which means it’s easy for you to pour! The plant roots and fibers help control litter box odors and form tight clumps on contact, so less litter is used per clump and scooping is easier for you. So, fight urine, feces and ammonia odors the natural way with this unscented, natural cat litter!

  • ULTRA-TIGHT CLUMPS FOR LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE – Our easy scooping cat litter clumps on contact and uses less litter per clump. The clumps don't crumble or break, giving you more litter that lasts longer
  • MADE OF 100% NATURAL YUCA AND CANE – When combined, these two farm-grown ingredients create a natural litter with impressive power
  • 3X PROVEN OUTSTANDING ODOR DEFENSE – Naturally powerful ingredients capture urine, feces, and ammonia odors. Whether you have one or more cats, our unscented multi-cat performance formula has you covered
  • DUST FREE AND LIGHTWEIGHT CAT LITTER – Our dust free cat litter is 60% lighter than clay litter and 50% lighter than corn litter, making litter box maintenance cleaner and easier
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT – Our incredibly absorbent cat litter soaks up 5 times more liquid than clay litter and 2.5 times more liquid than corn litter
  • 3.6 LB BAG FILLS STANDARD LITTER BOX – This bag of Earth's FINEST is perfect for litter boxes that measure 18”x14”x5” or smaller. For larger litter boxes or when initially transitioning from another litter, our 7.2 lb. bag is recommended


Pour: Pour 2 - 4 inches of litter into a clean, dry litter box for best results.

Scoop: After your cat has used the litter box, simply scoop all clumps. For best hygiene, you should remove all clumps and solid waste daily.

Refill: Refill and maintain 2 - 4 inches of cat litter in the litter box for superior odor control & overall performance.