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NaturVet Aller911 Antilick Paw Spray for Dogs and Cats

SKU: 125841Naturvet

Product Description

For use on dogs and cats. Excessive paw licking in pets may be a sign of environmental or food allergies. Even high quality foods often do not contain
enough meat to offset the amount of grains and other fillers. This can lead to yeast infections that can manifest as paw licking as the pet attempts to soothe
the intense itching.

• Helps to soothe itchy paws and contains ingredients to discourage further licking
• Comes in an easy to apply soothing formula


Comfrey Glycolic Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Bittering Agent, Calendula Glycolic Extract, Deionized Water.


For use on dogs and cats. Spray directly on paws. Do not spray around eyes or nose.
Repeat as needed. For excessive paw licking issues use Aller-911 Calming Aid Plus Tabs to help reduce the stress of itching.