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Safari Shedding Dog Comb with Rotating Teeth

SKU: 135306Safari

Product Description

You love your pooch, but you don’t love the flying fur that covers your clothing, furniture and floors. Safari’s Shedding Dog Comb with Rotating Teeth makes de-shedding painless for both of you. The comb’s soft, rotating teeth pull gently through the coat so he’s less likely to fuss when it’s time to groom. The long, rounded teeth reach deep into the undercoat to loosen the hair. Then, the short teeth collect the fur for easy disposal. Make it a regular part of your grooming routine to help keep his shedding under control and give him a healthy, beautiful coat.

  • Helps reduce shedding to keep your furniture, clothes and floor clean.
  • Long, rounded teeth penetrate deep into the undercoat to loosen hair, while short teeth collect the fur.
  • Soft bristles are designed to glide gently through the coat for fuss-free grooming.
  • When used regularly, this comb can help your pet have a healthy, beautiful coat.
  • Spending time together while grooming can improve the bond between you and your pets.