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Tuesday's Natural Dog Company Odor Free Jumbo Bully Stick Dog Treat

SKU: 158754The Natural Dog Company

Product Description

These bully sticks are the same great quality from The Natural Dog company, but hand sorted to ensure consistency. These 12" jumbo bully sticks weigh 65 - 85 g.
  • Great for anxious or active dogs, as chewing calms dogs down and relieves stress. 
  • This odor free bully stick will NOT smell while your dog is chewing it.
  • Most big dogs like Labs, shepherds, pit bulls, etc will chomp down a normal skinny bully stick like it's nothing - this 12" jumbo bully stick is durable enough to stand up to heavy chewing.

Recommended for: All life stages of dogs weighing 50+ lbs. Especially great for "power chewers" who seem to go through regular bully sticks a little too quickly.

Ingredients: 100% beef pizzle

Country of Origin: Brazil or Germany